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Title Information

When You Buy A Car

You may apply for your certificate of Title in any County in Ohio. A State I.D. or Ohio License is required.

Never make any alterations or erasures on a Certificate of Title: if this is done, the Title becomes null and void and a replacement title will have to be obtained. Do not fill in any part of the assignment or application on the reverse side of the Title unless it is done in the presence of a Notary Public or another duly authorized officer with power ro administer oaths. All signatures must be Notarized.

If two names are to appear on the Title, both signatures are required for all transactions in the state of Ohio.

Effective November 25, 1971, Ohio Revised Code Section 4505.06 requires all Titles that are assigned and notarized must be filed with the County Clerk within thirty days from the date of notarization or a penalty of $5.00 will be assessed.

Power Of Attorney

No person can sign for you without a notarized power of attorney form. The power of attorney is attached to our files and becomes a part thereof.

Duplicate Title

If the original title is lost, stolen or destroyed, you may obtain a Duplicate Certificate of Title. If, after issuance of the Duplicate, the Original is recovered, the Original must be returned to the Auto Title office for cancellation. You may apply for the Duplicate Title in any county in Ohio.

Manufactured Homes

The owner of a manufactured home is required to obtain a Certificate of Title. Manufactured homes are transferred in the same manner as motor vehicles. Owners of manufactured homes are required to annually register the home with the County Auditor and pay the taxes assessed to the County Treasurer. Ownership of a manufactured home cannot be transferred until proof of annual registration and payment of taxes is provided. If you purchase a manufactured home from a private individual, make sure that the Certificate of Title has been stamped by the County Treasurer & County Auditor evidencing the payment of all taxes.

Titling Boats And Outboard Motors

A Certificate of Title is required on all boats 14 feet long or greater and all outboard motors 10 H.P. or greater. A canoe or kayak is exempt. The procedure is the same as for motor vehicles.

When You Sell A Car

Do not execute the assignment on the reverse side of the Certificate of Title until a bonafide sale has been made. Make certain the buyer's full name and address is inserted before you sign the assignment. Initials are not acceptable. Your certificate of Title may be obtained in any county in Ohio.

When You Have A Mortgage On Your Automobile

If you apply for a loan, using your car as collateral always insist upon getting a Memorandum Certificate of Title with which you can obtain license plates.

Upon satisfaction of your mortgage, you should receive the original Certificate of Title from the Bank or finance company, properly stamped "Paid" and lien cancelled by the Clerk of Courts.

Minor Consent 4505.031 O.R.C.

No minor under eighteen years of age shall sell or otherwise dispose of a motor vehicle or purchase or otherwise acquire a motor vehicle unless the application for a certificate of title is accompanied by a Minor Consent form and signed by one of the minor's parents, his guardian or other person having custody of the minor authorizing the sale, disposition, purchase, or acquisition of the motor vehicle.

At the time the application for certificate of title is submitted, the adult who signed the form, shall be present and provide identification establishing that he is the individual whose signature is on the form.

R.C. 4505.10 & 2106.18 - Surviving Spouse

Amended H.B. 16 with an effective date of March 11, 1996 which amends R.C. 4505.10 and 2106.18. The Act allows under specified circumstances, a surviving spouse to select and inherit two automobiles owned by the decedent, outside other probate proceedings, and not otherwise disposed of by will, as long as the total appraised value of the selected automobiles does not exceed $40,000.

The surviving spouse affidavit, certified copy of Death Certificate and the application on the back of the title must be completed and sworn to by the surviving spouse. The title can be issued in any County in Ohio.

R.C. 2106.17 With Right Of Survivorship

If two persons have established in a certificate of title joint ownership with the right of survivorship in a motor vehicle or a watercraft or outboard motor that is required to be titled under chapter 1548, of the revised code, and if one of those persons die, the interest of the deceased person in the motor vehicle, watercraft or outboard motor shall pass to the survivor of them upon transfer of title to the motor vehicle or watercraft or outboard motor in accordance with section 4505.10 or 1548.11 of the revised code. The motor vehicle, watercraft or outboard motor shall not be considered an estate asset and shall not be included and stated in the estate inventory. A certified copy of the death certificate needs to be presented.